FEI Hybrid Course Qualifications, Grant Process and Job Opportunities

Fitness Education Ireland (FEI) is an accredited iTEC VTCT Centre, signifying that our qualifications are regulated and recognised on a global scale. These qualifications are not only acknowledged worldwide but are also part of the National Quality Framework in Ireland, aligned with QQI standards. Additionally, they provide credits that can be applied towards further education.

Our assessment process involves scrutiny by an External Quality Assessor, ensuring fairness and consistency across courses and institutions. This rigorous examination upholds the highest standards, contributing to the integrity and future of the fitness industry. FEI’s commitment to quality education extends beyond merely issuing certificates; it represents a comprehensive educational experience.

FEI’s status as a provider of regulated qualifications enables us to offer Intreo/TSG grants. Eligible individuals can utilise these grants to offset course fees, making education more accessible for those who might find costs prohibitive. We encourage prospective students to contact their local Intreo office or the Department of Social Welfare for more information on grant eligibility.

Upon completing their qualifications at FEI, graduates are equipped to engage in the fitness industry in various capacities. Some choose to work in gyms and fitness centers, while others establish their own personal training studios, enjoying the flexibility of setting their own hours and managing their business. Online coaching has also become a popular avenue, allowing graduates to work remotely, provided they have internet access and a laptop. Additionally, many of our students balance their fitness education with other careers, using their qualifications for part-time industry work or to achieve their personal fitness goals, even if they do not intend to pursue a career in the fitness sector.